Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/23/08 The Day After

I'm still queasy.

It's really getting warm here in Arizona now. We're hitting mid to high 80's everyday now. We are very thankful there is NO humidity.

I received lots of emails and comments on the blog about yesterday. I'd like to share them with you.

From my cousin Kathy:

YOU ARE NUTS! .....REALLY REALLY NUTS!....I CHECK OUT YOUR SITE BEFORE I LOOKED AT THE EMAIL....OMG.....Did you like it, or did you keep your eyes CLOSED the entire time.

From our friend Bonnie who we do Buffett concerts with:

You go girl!!!!! My younger sister is married to an instructor so she has jumped out of a couple of perfectly good airplanes. I have a standing invitation to try it when I go home next.

It might be a couple years before I get the courage up to go home!

From my forever friend Sue:


What the HELL were you thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not believe you did that! I just can not believe you did that!!, again I can not believe that you jumped out of perfectly good plane. Good for you. You have more guts then I do.


From Carl and Sandy, my good friends here in the park:

Lot of people said they were not sure they would do that....YOU DID IT!!! CONGRATULATIONS.........SANDY AND CARL

From my online friend Paul:

Sky diving looked like fun! I read the whole blog. Nice job!!

From my online friend Skan:

Happy Easter! Unbelievable jump! WOW!


From Ann, a good friend from our Florida park last year.


From my forever friend Dianne:

I'm jealous.

From our friend in Delaware, Aggie:

You go girl. I would never have done that!!!! You're the woman!!!!!!!!!

From Louise, a good friend from our Florida park last year.

Good for you!!!!!!! I have always wanted to do the same thing. I guess I had better get going and do it soon!!! I am proud of you!!! What a trip!! You "go girl"!!! What an experience!!!


From Vern, a friend of ours from Delaware:


Congratulations. I can't wait to talk to your cousin Kathy about this. Two things- What else do you have on your "bucket list"? and What in the world did Bill and Doris say? (Note: Bill and Doris are my parents.)

Oh well, you two kids are living it up; living the life that thousands of others wish they could live.

Via Con Dios,


From my sister-in-law, Michelle:

I cant believe you actually did it. Good job!!!

From my forever friend, Elaine:

I am so glad you had the courage to do it!! I've thought about doing that but quickly put the thought out of my mind! It had to be so exciting! I suppose the closest I'll ever come to doing something like that would be the "Tower of Terror" in Disney World. Went on it once and can't get myself to go back on.

From Nancy, my good friend from our Florida park last year.

Hi there,

Finally got to read some of your journey without being dropped from the internet every 10 minutes. Girl it looks like you had a great time jumping. That's something Len has always said he'd like to do, I told him don't wait for me, if you do you'll never go.

From Cindy, a Delaware friend who actually lives in Maryland.

All I can say is you have a pair of BIG ones. Can't wait to see the video. I was telling

Ian and he said you go Snookie. He wants to do it to.

Not for me though. I like my feet on the ground.


From Cathy, we grew up together and have stayed in touch all these years.

I never laughed so hard in my life. You brought tears to my eyes! I loved the head shot at the end. I wanted to give you a big hug. Bravo!



From Jo, a blogging buddy:

Hi Snookie,

Yes it is a wonderful lifestyle we lead. But WHAT WERE YOU THINKING! Kudos for doing it, but I think I'll stick to watching from the ground. What on earth made you do that? You are brave, and I bet it was actually fun, but I don't think I could go through with it.

Thanks for sharing.

From Charlotte, our Delaware friend.

OK, so I don't think I'm doing that.

From Margo, my aunt in Delaware


You definitely ARE crazier than I ever thought you were!!!!! WHAT WERE YOU THINKING????? I can't even climb a 6 foot ladder!! What a life you and Bob are living. You two know how to do it better than any of us. Continue to have fun - but stay on the GROUND for a while.Take care (and I mean that!)...Margo

From Walt, my RV'ing buddy:

Girl, you gotta be nuts, completely and totally goofy. 25 years I spent in the Air Force and was taught how to eject from a fighter plane and from a heavy bomber, but, thank God, I never had to.
But YOU! You went there and did that and now you have the T-shirt.

Good Going!!

I also received an e-card from Ruby a very special lady. Thanks Ruby!

As you can see I've had lots of well wishes and congratulations. HOWEVER, while I got lots of comments here in the park the "take" on the jump was something entirely different. As I ran into the few who weren't at the field on Saturday I heard comments like this: Hey Snookie, heard you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane and threw up!" Uh, well, er, yeah I did. Some of the residents here seem to have taken great delight in that fact. I'm getting teased quite a bit but I know its all in fun.

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