Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3/15/08 Pool Party!

We had a pool party today and we were entertained by Tom and Rusty once again.
It was kind of a cloudy day but warm. The somewhat cloudy day didn't keep the people home.
It didn't keep the dancers in their seats either. I'm guessing by this picture that Chubby Checker's "The Twist" was playing.

I was finally able to get close enough to Rusty to show how he plays what I can only think to call the spoons. He's got a set in each hand and plays them against his cheek.
Grant Weber did a really nice flip into the pool but I missed it with my camera. I asked him to do it again and I got "some" of it in the picture frame. When I looked at it and saw what I captured I asked him to do the flip yet a third time but he nicely refused. When he swam away and I saw how red his back was I understood his reluctance.

Our friend, Marlene Ream, brought over a large empty frame and whoever wanted to could get their picture taken could. I snapped a few to show you what I mean.

Meet Tom and Sharon Peterson. They happen to be celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary today.

Our friends and neighbors, Dave and Darlene Sutton.

Marlene took her set of pictures and cut out the framed part taking care to cut around their hands and then put a magnet on the back and gave them to the participants. What a cool idea! I can see a lot of picture frames being bought at Goodwill now.

It wasn't long before Bonnie says, "Let's go in the pool". That's all I needed to hear even though we had shorts and T's on. Within seconds we had emptied our pockets, shed our shoes and socks and in we went much to every one's surprise. I hadn't been in the pool yet and I knew it was heated but I didn't expect it to be as warm as it was. My first thought when I hit the water was that it felt like there were a hundred people in the pool and they all peed at the same time! It was that warm!

It was a fun pool party and we have one more to go before we all leave here.

The park is really emptying out now. Everyday we have several RV's pull out or winter residents in park models close up and go home. There are large gaps when you look through the park where RV's once stood. It's sad but at the same time a good thing because every day puts us that much closer to our summer adventure.

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