Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/6/08 Line Dance Luncheon

Today was a work day for me and I was concerned about how I was going to attend the Line Dance Class luncheon at noon. Sharon Peterson, an activities workamper from another team agreed to cover for me so I could attend.

As it turned out we were done in time for the day since we didn't have all the ingredients we needed to continue getting ready for the luau so that didn't come into play. Thanks anyway Sharon.

So at noon we all gathered in the Carnaval Room for a lunch of all kinds of salads, breads and desserts that everyone brought. So much good food!

After lunch, several of us were called up to the front and amusing anecdotes told about each one or recognized in some way, yours truly included.

Here's Keith, an Australian who now lives in Canada and winters in Arizona. He's reading us a poem he wrote about line dancing. It follows:

Beginning Line Dancing

"Welcome", says Sandy to those who are new

"Don't worry we repeat dances, we always do."

You're about to have a strenuous day

especially when Carl's music starts to play

You quickly learn lines are your friends

It's on them you must depend

At first it seems kinda funny

What has time got to do with honey? (note: The Honey is a dance we learned)

It's 11 o'clock to the left and one o'clock to the right

Your clock is slow and you've danced outta sight

A friendly voice says, "get back in line"

Its time to learn to do the "vine"

Knees quiver, legs twist in ungodly shape

sadly your learn the "vine" has nothing to do with the grape

By now you've covered a mile,

Sandy is saying, "Smile"

Your legs are full of pain

A voice declares, We do it again!

You try to stay in line and follow along

To your dismay your memory is not that strong

You trip, collide and stumble

Its hard not to crumble

By now you are not so amused

In fact you're thoroughly confused

It is curtsy or is it dip?

Is it shuffle or is it skip?

Eventually, in time, you think you're hep

And show up on Thursday for The Next Step (note: The Next Step is an advanced class)

So thank you Sandy and thank you Elaine

You've made it fun that's why beginners come back again.

Keith got a huge round of applause for his poetic efforts because we could all relate!

We ended our luncheon with our four favorite dances. We pushed tables and chairs out of the way and Carl fired up the stereo system.

We have one more dance class to go and we are surely all going to miss this hour where we gather and dance our hearts away.

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