Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/24/08 A Visit With Family

Bob and I have been here in Arizona for the past four and half months, situated halfway between Phoenix and Tucson. I happen to have cousins in both of those cities. Do you think I have seen them? We've talked about it.

That's the trouble with retirement, you're so BUSY!

I finally touched base about a week and half ago with Jeanette, my cousin Mike's wife. I called about something completely different but the fact that we're short timers here in Arizona City came up and also the fact that we haven't visited them nor them us. Finally a plan was set in place. Jeanette would call Patricia in Tucson and see when they were available and check it against their own schedule and then call us and see if we were available when it was convenient for all of them. Since we were in the middle it was decided that they would travel to Casa Grande and we'd meet them at Mimi's Cafe for a late lunch/early supper.

So today was the day! I got to see family! It was so great seeing them. I haven't seen these four since we were all together when Mike and Jeanette got married a couple of years ago.

We had a very nice lunch, getting caught up on what we all have been doing and what our plans are for the summer.

Afterwards they came back here and we sat on the patio and told stories of long ago and played a lot of "remember when". What a great way to spend an afternoon! We laughed A LOT!

All too soon they had to leave but not before our neighbor LaVon was recruited to

take a picture of us. Thanks neighbor! (L to R) Me and Bob, Jeanette and Mike, Patricia and Bob)


We'll see Mike and Jeannette again before we leave because we have to take the rig to the shop to get the brakes checked out before we tackle these mountains. Since we're going to Phoenix to do that we'll spend our time with them.

This was just the best day....spending it with family.

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