Monday, March 31, 2008

3/29/08 The Peacock Takes His Leave

The crowd gathered.  Probably 20 - 25 of us.  We gathered in the street this morning because Don, commonly known as the Peacock of the Park and his lovely wife, Billie, are leaving us today.  They are heading home to Idaho.  We all hate to see them go.  They are so much fun and just such nice, nice people.


Lots of hugs and handshakes all around and a few tears were shed.  I admit, I cried.  I really hated to see them go.

So long Mr. & Mrs. Peacock....we enjoyed you so much!  We're going to make sure our paths cross again.


Bob was able to get a picture of the quails that have eluded my viewfinder so far.  There all over the park now but I never seem to have the camera handy when they

are.  See the topknot on their heads?


I'm really hoping to get a close up before we leave.


LaVon Baker said...

I'm still sick about missing seeing Don & Billie off.

Amen! HE hears and answers. That was funny, though, how that happened.. from Snookie's mouth to God's ears.

Good pic of the quails. Keep trying to get a close up with that big lens. You have a few hours in the morning, maybe to walk around with the big lens on your camera.


Anonymous said...

Snookie, you have a better connection than you think. Just looked at the latest in your journey. Glad things are going mostly ok. Very dull here. Too many people gone.

We visited some new places for us and will have them on our journal page soon. Be sure to check them out. An update notice will be sent.

Thanks for all your fun.
This was the best winter we have had here.

Love & Prayers
Ginny & Lenny