Saturday, March 22, 2008


Yep, that's the question I have for myself today!

About 50 park residents joined me and Bob at Eloy Airport at the Arizona Skydiving place and I jumped out of a perfectly good plane!

It was a thrill of a lifetime and I'll never do it again!

I have tons and tons of pictures to upload from today and the story to go with it. I will also put a link to the video of my jump on here tomorrow.

Just had to let you all know what I did today. There's lots more to come.


Mike said...

Holy Crap Batman...!!!
You're really getting bold (or crazy) in your old age. Did Bob push you out?

LaVon Baker said...

I forgot to ask you, was it cold when you jumped out of the plane? These are great. I'm a little worried about the ones I took; hope they are ok.

Anonymous said...

You go girl, wow what a thrill I bet. I miss you looking forward to July. Happy Easter
Love you,

Lourie said...

Well, have you figured it out? What were you thinking? I have always wanted to try this but....not sure there are large enough pampers to fit me.

bob k said...

Just think Snookie, 4 more jumps and Bob will have to get you a set of wings. Glad to see you're having fun.

Queen of the Road said...

I'm so jealous I can hardly stand it. I always said I as going to jump at Eloy and of course I always chickened out. Did you want to just puke all over??? I can't wait to see the rest of the story and hear the rest of the story! Congratulations Girly!!

LynnieQ said...


Katalin said...

You are one brave girl, I could never do it!!!! Good for you!!!!