Friday, March 21, 2008

3/19/08 We've Got a Fridge Again

Today was install the fridge day!

I went to work today but there wasn't much to do once again other than take inventory of the cabinet where all the tablecloths and cloth napkins are stored. That done, we were pretty much at a standstill. It made for a long afternoon.

When I got home Danny the RV repair guy was just getting started replacing our refridgerator. The old one was already out. Not a very big space is it? Well, our fridge isn't very big, half the size of what we had at home.

The old one, kicked to the curb!

Danny preparing the refrigerator for the move inside.

On three......LIFT!

This can't be a comfortable maneuver for either one of them!

Easy, easy, don't hit the door jambs. Watch out for the desk!

It's almost in!

It didn't take Danny and Bob long at all to get it all hooked up and running. It will take 24 hours before its cool enough for us to put food into it. Just think, soon our peas will be home!

It's done! Danny, thanks for all your help! Dave, thanks for picking up the fridge in Tucson. You guys are just the best! Neighbors, thanks for the use of your freezer space!

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