Monday, March 31, 2008

3/29/08 So Long Friends... con't.

Today was a hard day. We had to wave so long to so many today.

Dave and Darlene Sutton left for home. It was especially hard to say so long to my puzzle pal Darlene., this was another hard one. Dave and I have a special friendship. He dishes it out and I dished it right back. We each got our share of digs in to each other but if the truth be told, I got the best of old 2.4 most days. I really don't expect anyone to understand that but Dave will know when he reads this. Hey Dave,,,,,GOTCHA! This is one couple that we truly hope we cross paths with again. Lots of hugs and handshakes for sure and quite a few tears.


We had this picture taken....the girls in the "hood".


It had warmed up considerably and LaVon, Don and I decided to go to the pool There were quite a few there and you won't believe what happened! I thought this was so behind me!

I'm floating around the pool with two noodles, those float thing-y's and there was a pretty stiff breeze and about 10 people in the pool with us. So I'm floating, holding onto the noodles and all of sudden I got seasick! Watching the waves in the pool from all the movement just did me in. I ran to the ladies room and that's all I'll say about that! I guess I'll have to take Dramamine before swimming from now on!

So I'm sitting on the side of the pool, not daring to go in anymore and Nancy (Killer) asked me to take a picture of her and this paper cut out her grandson sent her. She is supposed to take a picture doing something and then a write a story about when and where the picture is taken. So I took the picture and then decided I wanted one of my own so I ran home to get the camera. So here's Nancy with Smashed Sam, Paper Paul, Skinny Steve, FLAT STANLEY! I knew I'd get the name sooner or later.


This evening Marlene, Nancy, Arlen and Diane and I went into Casa Grande to attend a play in the little theater there. Now I'm talkin' a little theater! It was a nearly packed house and there were only 35 of us there. We saw the play "Beyond Karaoke". It was an amateur production but it was enjoyable. There was a lot of audience participation with singing and hand clapping. A good time was had by all.

NOTE: This is a continuation of the next post. I published the next one before finishing it and when I got back to it I had dates all mixed up, but hey, it happens.


LaVon Baker said...

FLAT STANLEY... geeeezz you crack me up! I laughed out loud.

Don't forget to get some Dramamine!

Donna Waterhouse said...

Hi Snookie, I'm Killer Reid's daughter way out here in New Hampshire and she showed me your blog some time ago so that I could see pictures of her and read about stuff going on where she is. I love reading it and will continue to, even though she's not going to be mentioned or pictured anymore. You are a real riot and love your storytelling!!! That's my son, Andrew, who sent her the Flat Stanley! He's gonna get a real kick out of seeing this picture when he gets home from school today! Your blog has been a neat way for me and my kids to get to "see" their Grandma once and a while, even if only in pictures. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog page!! Keep it up! Oh, I also loved the one about the motorcycle ride with George! Safe travels! Donna Waterhouse