Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3/5/08 Cookin' and Bakin' and Rockin' R Ranch

Another workday and more cookin' and bakin'. Not much more to say about that.

This evening we went to the Rockin' R Ranch up in Mesa. Our friends George and Nancy Reid rode with us. We noticed this as soon as we left the park. The price just keeps going UP!

After about an hours drive we finally arrived at Rockin R Ranch.

Views from inside the grounds.

Evidently, this is a popular site for weddings. It must a be a cowgirl thing.

I'm sure when everything is in bloom and its wedding "season" the grounds are very pretty.

As we waited in line for our tickets we watched this fella bake biscuits the fashioned cowboy way.

I thought this wagon wheel light was nice.

Soon a Wild West Show started to help us pass the time before the dinner/show. These two were pretty funny. They kept our group entertained.
During a "normal" show for Rockin' R there would be several musicians on the stage as this picture indicates.

First onstage was this young Indian fella who did a show with hoops.

It was now time for the headliners. The usual show wasn't playing tonight but Dave and Daphne were playing instead. This duo had actually played at Quail Run several weeks ago. Bob and I hadn't made their show so it was all new to us. Not so for the other QR residents in attendance tonight.

These two were a joy to listen to. It wasn't long before it was just Dave on the stage and he played and sang several songs for us. Daphne returned but she wasn't quite herself.

She had Minnie Pearl down to a T!

You may have noticed on the sign showing where we were that it was a dinner theater. You may have also noticed that I haven't mentioned having dinner. Well, we did, but it was forgettable.

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