Sunday, November 2, 2008

11/02/08 Fly Eagles Fly

After church services today it was football, football, football!

Our new chaplain, Mitch, and his wife, Kim, have arrived in the park and today was his first service. Attendance wasn't all that much this Sunday, but then again, there aren't many in the park as yet. Only a third of the sites have someone in them and that's including the stationary park models. It's still early in the season yet. Hopefully, attendance will be more next week.

Our football team, the Philadelphia Eagles, are in third place standing for NFL East. We kept track of them today playing Seattle and they walked away with the win. Next week they play the first place New York Giants. We'll see how that game goes. At least we'll get to see this one on TV!

In between games of interest we both puttered around the house doing a little of this and a little of that. Nothing special.

It was just a nice day to relax.

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Tom and Sharon said...

Keep it up Snookie on kicking the nicotine. I am sure that you are feeling really healthy without it. Hey, has that little burrowing owl shown up down at the catch pond on the back of the park? He was almost always there when we went on our morning walks last season. Reading your blog is bring back so many good memories of last winter.