Monday, November 17, 2008

11/17/08 What a Great Day!

Got up and went into the office early today. I had some typing I wanted to get done and I find when I have to compose I do better when its quiet. Also, I wanted to look up what site Bonnie is in so I could call and ask her if I could ride along when she goes to the outlets today.

I never did touch base with Bonnie until around 9:30 when I tracked her down in her yoga class. She told me they were leaving at 10:30 and I was certainly welcome to go with them.

I got the team settled with what they had to accomplish today and on my way to Bonnie's stuck my head in the door to Jeannie's office and announced that I would be off premises for about an hour. She never asked where I was going and I didn't offer any information.

All the way over to the outlets I kept hoping that there wasn't a sudden rush on canister sets and that no one had found my stash. I couldn't wait for the truck to stop so I could jump out and get into the store. YES! All the stuff I had squirreled away was still there! Better yet, they were in the process of putting more stuff out and I picked up another great buy. What a good day this is starting out to be.

Bonnie and her husband finished up their shopping and soon we were on our way back to Quail Run.

Luckily, when they dropped me off there wasn't anyone in the building and I could put my great buys away undetected. No one got a preview of the Valentine's Dance prizes.

I went over to Jeannie's office to drop off a list of things I want her to pick up at Sam's Club later this week. While there we talked over the upcoming schedule of events and she told me that she was sorry that one act was coming in at the end of January. I didn't know the act but she told me they weren't that good and that we probably wouldn't have a big turnout for them. That is NOT what I wanted to hear. I told I would read the contract and if we were within the right time frame to cancel then that is what I was going to do. After this past Saturday night I didn't want another "dud" evening on my watch. Wouldn't you know it, I didn't get to this task today after all. Other things took precedence and it was pushed to the wayside.

The afternoon was busy with accepting donations of canned goods and boxed items for the local food bank drive we have going on. The other day on the news they had a camera crew at the local food bank and the shelves were bare. It warms my heart that this winter haven for fixed income families are opening their hearts and wallets to help others. It will come back to them tenfold I'm sure.

When the Activities Staff was out hawking tickets last week, door to door, several of the winter residents suggested we bring in Bernie and Red as entertainment. They said we would pack the house. Music to my ears! I found the info on them and called and sure enough they had a date open when they would be in our area. I booked them on the spot. And the day just got better.

I am so excited about another act I booked today but I can't tell you anything about it! Too many here in the park read this blog and at this point in time we're keeping everything hush, hush. I am so excited about this! There has never been anything like it here before and we just know this is going to be huge! Standing room only! I'm practically bursting at the seams having to keep this secret. And the day got better.

Things are going so well in the Activities Department that sometimes I pinch myself to make sure this isn't just a fantastic dream I'm having.

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LaVon Baker said...

You have two choices: answer my email OR call me. That's it... two choices. Not kidding.
What a great day!!