Tuesday, November 18, 2008

11/18/08 Snookie Does Crafts!

Let me start this with.... I feel sorry for all of you who can't be here in Arizona right now. We are hitting the mid-80's with no measurable humidity and bluest skies you've ever seen. I almost decided against going indoors for the the line dancing session. Almost, I said.

Our dance session is growing by leaps and bounds! It has been decided that the class needs to be divided into two separate sessions because its too big now, too many people. We have a choice between Tuesday mornings and Sunday afternoons. I wanted to sign up for both but Sandy said no. I argued that she would need people who know the dances to help out so that the newbies would have someone to follow. She wasn't buying it, she said that enough who know the dances would split between the two days. I can see I'm going to have to work on this because it will just kill me that I can't go on Sunday's. Of course I signed up for Tuesday's because that's during the work week. I mean, c'mon, if you could go spend an hour line dancing, or something you liked to do, during the work day, wouldn't you?

After a fun morning dancing it was off to work. I hate calling what I do work because it isn't WORK. Happy people come in and out of the office all day and I have fun with the people on the Activities Staff, nope, it definitely isn't work.

In fact, I wasn't at work too long when I found myself at one of the craft tables in the room next to the office. Today was the Iris Fold Card class. Iris Folding is a very simple thing to do. If you can fold a piece of paper, you can do this. I've heard it likened to Origami for Dummies.

You start out with a pattern like this.


It ends up like this!


In my case, it was a Boot.


You then take small pieces of gift wrapping paper, fold them, make sure you have a good crease and place it along the line of the correct section in sequence. It doesn't have to be gift wrapping paper either. It can be paper towels, construction paper, in fact, our class instructor even kept the gown she worn during her mammogram because it had a pattern and texture and used it in one her cards she made.


I kept folding and taping, folding and taping and ended up with this but its not quite done yet.


I used a special type of scissors to make the edges look ragged and then bonded it to a stock card. This whole process took about an hour! Here's my finished card.


Our instructor, Pat, has absolutely beautiful cards that she has done. She'll have a table at the Craft Fair coming up and I'm sure she will sell lots of them.

Ticket sales are finally picking up for our Comedy Night we're having this coming Friday. It drives me crazy that everyone waits till the last minute to get their tickets.

Bob took a drive today with one of his buddies here in the park to check out a lake that is about an hours drive away. That fishing itch is starting to get to him really bad now. I expect any day now he'll be taking off for the lake, pole in one hand, cooler in the other and I won't see him all day. We just heard on the news that all the lakes were recently stocked and I'm sure there is one, or six, with Bob's name on it.

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