Thursday, November 6, 2008

11/6/08 A Meeting of Area Activities Coordinators

Once again, my morning was started in the Carnaval Room with line dancing. Bob started his with a walk around the park. He noticed that the recycling cans are filled already. That's a good thing! He's thinking that maybe two trips a week to the recycling center may be in order. Either people are more conscientious about the environment and are recycling, OR, they are drinking more, I don't know which. He spent his day finishing up a carpentry job he was doing for our neighbors Chuck and Janet.

It was a pretty quiet day in the office and at two I took off to get something to eat for lunch. I then drove to the other side of Casa Grande for a meeting of area Activities Coordinators at one of the other resorts. I went totally prepared with our five month calendar with all the squares filled to the max with activities/trips/special events we have planned. I was looking forward to exchanging with other AC's and taking back tons of new activities and ideas. Well, let me tell you, this was NOT what I expected at all. Thirty plus Coordinators were invited and eleven of us showed up. I had never been to this resort before and didn't know where it was and I kinda, sorta, got lost and arrived at 3:07 for this three o'clock meeting. I quietly sat down and there were two conversations going on at once and I tried to listen to both as activity ideas were being discussed. I couldn't keep up so I spoke up and asked that only one conversation take place at a time so we could all hear. I was then informed that the meeting had not been called to order as yet and when it was that the hostess would make sure that only one attendee had the floor at a time. Well! I guess I was told! A few minutes later the meeting was called to order. Then the bitch session started! That's exactly what this was. These women complained about the residents in their parks, their park managers, their park owners, their park this and their park that. I sat there in total disbelief. The husband and wife team sitting next to me were just as baffled as I.

This is their first year in activities in any capacity and they were left without any paperwork from last year, without a copy of last year's calendar and they just don't have a clue! I felt so sorry for them and so thankful to Bruce and DeAnn, Quail Run's Activities Coordinators last year. To make matters worse they have a feud going on in there park and one half of the residents won't talk to the other half and nobody shows up to any activities they have managed to put together because someone from the "other side" might be there. To tell you the truth I'm surprised they are still there, I don't know that I would be under those circumstances. Ann, the wife, asked to see my calendar and just sat there with her mouth hanging open because we are so busy and organized. I made a mental note to call them in a day or two to see if there was any way I could help them. I'd be happy to share my calendar so they could get ideas. Of course, with the feud it may not help anyway.

Needless to say I was glad when this was over! I'm going to have to give this some serious thought as to whether or not I'll attend any more.

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