Tuesday, November 4, 2008

11/4/08 It Looks Like Thanksgiving is Near

I started the day out in line dancing class, its Tuesday, after all. The class attendance is really growing with more and more winter residents arriving each day. There is now talk of having three classes a week now. The Tuesday morning session is just getting too big for the room.

I had left a note for the team starting a new work session this morning to take all the Thanksgiving Day decorations out and spread them on the tables to see what we have. Looks like everything is in good order and nothing will have to be disposed of.

Looking for something to do until I returned they started on the library. With so many books coming in for the last week or so there were many duplicates, and the shelves are only so big, so the team pulled those and the ones with ripped covers or ones with the spines that aren't holding the pages in any longer. The less than perfect ones were discarded but we still had a huge pile to get rid of. Up on one of the top shelves was a complete set of leather bound encyclopedia's. Circa 1993! You could just tell that these books were either never used or very gently used because they were just in great shape. Just old. Fifteen years of old. We hated to just throw them away and no one wanted them,,,,or has room for them! I called the local library and told the lady who answered that she could laugh when she heard what I had to say and it was OK with me if she did. When I told her I had a 15 year old set of encyclopedias that she could have if she wanted them, well, let's just say the phrase, "rolling on the floor laughing with tears coming out of her eyes" applied to her! I mean the woman was hysterical. When she calmed down enough to talk she kindly told me that they were sooooo obsolete. Like I didn't know that! She said they would pass on them but would accept the paperback books we have and the VCR movies too. At least they can be donated and the guys loaded them up and carted them off to the library. We still have the problem of getting rid of the encyclopedia's. None of us have the heart to throw these books out. They are just in pristine condition.

The rest of the morning was spent decorating for Thanksgiving.



After lunch the team went door to door to sell tickets for the upcoming events. Tickets sales haven't been what I thought they should be. I don't know if everyone is waiting to the last minute to buy their tickets or what, or if that is the way it is, everyone waits until the last possible minute. For a show I wouldn't mind so much but we have a luncheon coming up on Veteran's Day and I need to know how many to shop for. I emailed Bruce and DeAnn to get the skinny on this ticket sale thing. Hopefully, I'm worrying for nothing. Anyway, the team came back and did quite well on the door to door sales. I feel better now.

Bob has been taking care of the aluminum can recycling for the park/activities. We have cans set out all around the park and ask that the residents put their aluminum cans in them. Bob gathers the cans and when enough are collected he'll ride with George Becker, a workamper who returned from last year, to the recycle center to turn them in. Well, today was that day. The money we collect goes to the Activities Fund. We're getting ten cents less per pound than last year but I look at this way, its all free money to us. All the same, I'm hoping the price goes up! Its been a long time since I wanted the price of ANYTHING to go UP!

A productive day to say the least.

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